About Me

Hello, I’m Marc


I help counsellors and therapists to navigate the online side of their private practice. I help to build websites that are compelling and easily found by potential customers.

Although my background is in web-development and online marketing, I’m deeply interested in the field.

I’m aware of the deep transformative impact counselling and psychotherapy can have. In fact, I was on my way to become a psychotherapist myself at one point, and I studied psychology at a graduate level.

I volunteered for a local mental health charity and an online mental health support service. Through those experiences, I learnt how frustrated people seeking therapists felt when trying to search for a therapists.

Having to sift through generic-sounding profiles and unappealing websites made it hard to decide which therapist would be a good fit.

I offer web development services, as well as helping therapists to write more compelling text. I also help therapists to gain more visibility online so they can be found by people looking for help in their local area.

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Websites For Therapists - How It Works